Care and Maintenance of Refrigerated Cabinets



We provide the following recommendations and when applied will enhance the presentation of the cabinet as well as contribute to its longterm condition and performance.

All painted metal surfaces can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent, wipe clean with soft dry cloth.

Plastic parts may also be cleaned in the above manner ( never use abrasive cleaners as these will dull or damage the plastic surface).

Glass can be cleaned with soapy water and rinsed with warm clear water, again use a soft dry cloth to buff clean.  Window polish can be used as an alternative to washing.

Stainless steel surfaces can be sponged thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent, bad stains van be removed with an approved oven cleaner.  Again, do not use abrasive cleaners.

Internally, cabinets should receive periodical maintenance and it is recommended that a fixed working programme is established in order to achieve this.

1. Disconnect electrical power supply

2. Remove all merchandise from the cabinet

3. Remove inset covers and return air grids from the evaporator compartment.

4. Remove dirt and debris from gutter and evaporator compartment.

5. Clean thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent, use disinfectant to eliminate odours.

6. Rinse compartment with warm clear water to get rid of any remaining grease film, leave to dry.

7. Flush condensate drain pipe with water and cleaning agent.


When work is completed, replace all covers and grids, reinstate power supply and cabinet operation