How To Act In Case Of A Breakdown

It is, of course, possible that a refrigerated cabinet may breakdown despite regular and adequate care and maintenance.  In such a case it is important to remain composed, since the cause, contrary to one’s fears. is often minor.

If such a breakdown occurs the service provider must, of course, be called.  However, the fault is not always serious and it is often possible to correct it oneself, thus saving money.

In the following we give you some hints to assist you in finding such minor causes, in order to avoid unnecessary visits from the service engineer.

Case 1:  The condensing unit is not operating:

Check if there is any power supply, check the fuse/mcb board for trips. reset fuse/mcb.  If machine does not return to operation, call the service provider.

Case 2: The condensing unit is operating but cabinet does not refrigerate:

Check if the cabinet fans are operating, check for vibration @ the condensing unit also.  If all is in order, there may be a leak, call the service provider immediately.  Check the condenser fins for dirt and debris.  If necessary, arrange to have condenser cleaned, check that normal output resumes afterwards.  Examine the evaporator fins in the cabinet for ice build up.  If heavy ice exists, call the service provider as defrosting must be done without further delay.

Keep the refrigeration system running as long as there is a noticeable cooling effect.  Switch off only when this is no longer the case and call the service provider.


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